Siamese cat Spock, a blue point

Siamese cat Dracs, a lilac point

Site Map

Catsup's getting so big, we thought it was time we had a Site Map on it. We wouldn't want you to miss anything!

About Us About Paul who designed Catsup and Ann who wrote the text, under supervision from Spock and Dracs
Ann's Page A place for Ann to post light hearted features about anything at all. Changes every 8 weeks or so. Previous articles are held in the Archives.
Archives Where the features on Ann's Page go when they're replaced.
Alexander About a beautiful half Siamese cat who lived with Ann for over 17 years.
The Boys Deal with Junk Emails Spock and Dracs send replies, in their own inimitable style, to junk emails they've received.
The Boys Employment Agency Spock and Dracs hijacked Ann's Page again, to advertise their Employment Agency.
The Boys present a cheque to the PDSA Spock and Dracs presented their first cheque to the PDSA. Includes pictures and the boys inimitable comments about the presentation.
Caption Competition & Méia's Presents An amazing picture with an invitation to send in a suitable caption. Pictures of the boys with their presents from Méia.
Cat Register & Rescue Stories and pictures of kittens rescued by a small Scottish charity, plus a look at one of their fundraising events.
The Change of Life A humourous look at the changes to Ann's life since the boys moved in 2 years ago.
Cheque Presentation & Local Fundraising Day Ann presents a cheque to PDSA's Director General and attends the Gateshead Fundraising Group's "Scrufts" day at Saltwell Park.
Competition Ann ran a competition
Elsa Speaks The thoughts and observations of Elsa, an oriental chocolate spotted tabby living in Worthing.
Free Stickers & Picture Puzzle Help to publicise Catsup and have fun solving a picture puzzle of the boys in their "office".
Girl's Own Paper About a Victorian weekly magazine plus a chance to try your hand at one of the puzzle poems it contained.
Gypsy and Tim Ann's friend John writes about 2 rescue cats his family have homed.
Hone's Everyday Book Humourous excerpts from a book published in 1826
How a Cottage Industry Starts Let Ann loose with card and paste and there's no holding her.
Mark's Disclaimer A very funny disclaimer written by a friend of Ann's
Norman, the Kestrel with Attitude About one of the birds of prey appearing at the Northumberland County Show
PDSA's Newcastle PetAid Hospital Pictures behind the scenes of a PDSA PetAid hospital and the Catsup team handing over a cheque for £1,000.
Paul's Desk About a memorable trip Ann and Paul made to buy a desk for Paul.
The Peril's of Pauline About the journey Ann's friend Pauline had from New Zealand to the UK
Photo Show and Some Success Stories Stories and pictures of kittens rescued by a small Scottish charity, plus a look at one of their fundraising events.
Riverboat About a favourite television series of Ann's youth and how she's been able to watch it again thanks to the Internet.
The Scams of Spock and Dracs
About The Boys schemes to bring in some extra income.
Spock and Dracs pick the competition winner The boys hijacked Ann's Page! Pictures and text of them picking the winner of the competition
Sri Lanka About a wonderful trip to Sri Lanka in 2003
A Word or Two from Chaos An article by Chaos, a very articulate, chocolate pointed Siamese from Georgia USA.
The Artist

About Richard Hardaker, who donated the wonderful illustrations for the boys 2 books and stationery.

Page One Some of Richard's other work
Page Two More of Richard's work
The Authors All about Spock and Dracs.
Win Our Award An invitation to all cats to submit their profiles and become Catsup Cats of Character. Entries are now closed.
Form The form that has to be completed to win the Catsup Cat of Character Award
Profile 1 Cup winning profiles
Profile 2 Cup winning profiles
Profile 3 Cup winning profiles
Profile 4 Cup winning profiles
Profile 5 Cup winning profiles
Profile 6 Cup winning profiles
Profile 7 Cup winning profiles
Profile 8 Cup winning profiles
Profile 9 Cup winning profiles
Profile 10 Cup winning profiles
Profile 11 Cup winning profiles
Profile 12 Cup winning profiles
Profile 13 Cup winning profiles
Profile 14 Cup winning profiles
Profile 15 Cup winning profiles
Profile 16 Cup winning profiles
Profile 17 Cup winning profiles
Profile 18 Cup winning profiles
Profile 19 Cup winning profiles
Profile 20 Cup winning profiles
The Book About the 2 books written entirely by Spock and Dracs. Includes some excerpts and links to Amazon who stock them. Also displays the cards.
Catsup's Fundraising Project How it works, what we hope to achieve and how you can help.
Catsup's Shop Where you can buy Spock and Dracs books, cards and other goods via a secure server. All the profits go to charity.
Catsup's Dept Stocks the boys books and cards
Spock and Dracs Specials Currently stocks Wish Scrolls
Terms & Conditions Explains how the Catsup Shop operates and the service you can expect from us.
Comments Your opportunity to leave a message in the Catsup Guest Book
Contact How to contact us
Diary of a Diary Tells how the fundraising project began and how it's progressing
Gypsy and Tim Two rescue cats tell of their life with Ann's friend John and his family.
Episode 1 The Early Days
Episode 2 The Cage
Episode 3 A New Beginning, A New Hope
Episode 4 The Not so Great Escape
Episode 5 The Night of the Alarm Cat
Episode 6 Gypsy on the Roof
Episode 7 Scary Story
Episode 9 The Cat O'Nine Tales
Episode 10 Striped Cats Can't Count
Episode 11 Grumpy Old Cats
Home Page Gives an overview of the website and what you can find here
Links Allows you to add a link to your own website. The webmasters will check them and delete any they feel are not suitable however.
Message Board A friendly place where visitors to Catsup can swap anecdotes with each other and compare notes.
More Links and Webrings Where Catsup posts links to our own personal favourites as well as some webrings.
PDSA An introduction to the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals for whom Spock and Dracs fundraise. Has regional and national news items.
Picture Puzzle 1 Rearrange the squares to see a picture of the two Siamese authors and webmasters in their office.
Postcards Free virtual postcards which we hope will make you smile, or even laugh out loud. Many of them feature the two Siamese webmasters.
Quiz Can you tell the difference between Spock, Dracs and Ann? You might be surprised at just how much they resemble each other!
Sitemap The page you're on now.
Bookbinding I've put this right at the bottom as it has nothing at all to do with the rest of the website! It's a few of pages about my bookbinding hobby.


A linking page to the demonstrations.
Demonstration 1 A description, including lots of pictures about rebinding a very old book in leather and marbled paper..
Demonstration 2 A description, again with lots of pictures about rebinding a modern book in cloth.
Demonstration 3 A pictorial description of turning a paperback into a hardback
Demonstration 4 How to make handsewn headbands


Do you think we've covered everything Spock?
Yeah, that looks about it Dracs. I didn't realise Catsup was so big!


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