Siamese cat Spock, a blue point

Siamese cat Dracs, a lilac point



A little bit about Ann and Paul

Catsup is the brainchild of Ann Dickinson and Paul Furness, who live next door to each other in Whitley Bay, in North East England. Ann has written all the text, with a great deal of help from Spock and Dracs. Paul created the original website which began with 7 pages. He then made the mistake of showing Ann how to use the software herself and, egged on by Spock and Dracs, she got a bit carried away. It now has over 90 pages!

The black cat who features on several pages is Alexander, a half Siamese cat who lived with Ann for nearly 18 years. He always made sure he was included in everything she did and he'd never forgive her if he didn't feature on the website. She still misses him. His story is Here.

Ann spent most of her working life as a Civil Servant, but in 1997 she escaped, a move she has never regretted. In 1998, she registered as a volunteer for the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) and worked for them as a Volunteer Trust Administrator until September 2000. She now concentrates her fundraising efforts on the Catsup website and marketing Spock and Dracs books and cards.

Since translating and editing "The Wilderness Weeks", she has become an amateur writer and graphic designer, publisher, distributor, PR lady, sales rep, market trader, inadvertent body builder (try carrying a box of 250 books any distance) and all round scrounger.

Her interests are wide ranging and include, theatre and films, books, opera, travel and various handicrafts. She has currently taken up bookbinding again after a long break.

Spock and Dracs showing off their keyboard skills

It doesn't look THAT difficult to me Dracs


Paul is far too modest to write about himself, so let it be said that he's a good looking thirtysomething with infinite patience. Especially when he's helping Ann with her computer.

Apart from computers, Paul's interests include football (don't phone him if there's a match being televised), golf, sport in general, music and travel. Little did he know what he'd be caught up in when, hanging out the washing one sunny summer's day, he innocently answered "Yes" to the question, "You know a bit about computers don't you Paul?" which wafted over the garden wall.


AlexanderI am blinking everywhere!

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