Siamese cat Spock, a blue point

Siamese cat Dracs, a lilac point

Deakin Printers in Monkseaton have given Spock and Dracs (and Ann!) a lot of help. They would have been lost without them.

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Written entirely by two Siamese cats, "The Wilderness Weeks" and "The Wilderness Revisited" tell of three week visits by Spock and Dracs to their friend Ann, when Simon, with whom they used live, was away on holiday. The first visit took place in winter, the second in the summer. Written in diary form and beautifully illustrated by Richard Hardaker, the two talented Siamese authors are giving all the profits to the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), a British veterinary charity. Pictures of the books and some extracts are below, along with comments from Honey and Shelley, the boys next door neighbours, who also feature in the diaries.

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Here are pictures of the book covers and some excerpts

Spock and Dracs, The Wilderness Weeks, Extracts from the Diaries of Two Siamese Lodgers
Spock and Dracs, The Wilderness Revisited, More Extracts from the Diaries of Two Siamese Lodgers

Excerpts from "Spock and Dracs, The Wilderness Weeks"

Thu 23rd

Ann's quite nimble for her age. It's surprising how quickly she can move when Dracs is about to be sick. She jumps straight off the chair, picks up a newspaper and is over to him. All in one fluid movement. I don't know why she thinks it's such a treat for him to be sick on a tatty old newspaper. He much prefers the carpet.

Thu 4th

It gets quite cold once Ann switches the central heating off, so Spock and I tried sleeping on her bed last night instead of settling down on the settee like we normally do. Considering how small she is, for a human, Ann takes up far too much of the bed. She would insist on stretching out right under the very middle of the duvet. It took Spock and me half the night to nudge her over to the edge of the bed so we could get into a comfortable position ourselves.

Ann wanted to know how it is she manages to find cat litter all over the living room carpet, when our tray's so big and deep. Had the cheek to ask us if we play football when we're in it. Has she no shame? As I said to Spock, do we ask her what the strange noises are when she's in the bathroom? And why the towels are too wet and soggy to curl up on when she finally comes out.

Ann Dickinson 1999

Excerpts from "Spock and Dracs, The Wilderness Revisited"

Fri 4th

Ann from Winlaton was back today. We like Ann and an extra lap's always welcome. Dracs and I promptly walked all over her to let her know we were pleased to see her. She looked a bit bemused, but I think she liked it really. I can't understand why people yelp every now and again when we walk all over them. Ann did it in bed last night, said could Dracs please keep his paws off the more sensitive parts of her anatomy. Don't know what she means, he never went near her ears.

Mon 14th

Harry and Jean came over this evening. We went upstairs to bed when they started playing on Ann's computer. They were very impressed at the speed with which we changed from being fast asleep on the duvet to sitting at Ann's feet as they were leaving. Thought the paw brake turns as we rounded the half landing were very smooth and were flattered that we'd come down to say goodbye. It was the least we could do. Especially when Ann rattled the cat biscuit box.

Ann Dickinson 2000

Both books are 32 pages long and printed on good quality paper with glossy card covers. They each contain approximately 8 illustrations.



Printed on high quality glossy card, these cards will bring a smile to everyone's face.

And if you can't bear to give them away, they look great framed and hanging on a wall!





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Comment from Honey and Shelley - Spock and Dracs' next door neighbours.

I would just like to say that my sister Shelley and I object most strenuously to being called "bushy tailed bimbos" in the books by Spock and Dracs. We would like everyone to know that not only are we extremely attractive young ladies, we're very intelligent too.

Besides which, we lived here first!

I agree with everything my sister Honey says. Jealousy's a terrible thing, but I suppose when you have thin little tails like Spock and Dracs, it's only to be expected.

On top of that, we can't even get a good day's sleep any more, with Spock's war cry echoing all round the neighbourhood.






Alexander washing

I've got better things to do than sit around reading those stupid books!


Copyright Ann Dickinson 2000-2010

Copyright Ann Dickinson 2000-2010