Siamese cat Spock, a blue point

Siamese cat Dracs, a lilac point
A bit about Richard

This page is about Richard Hardaker, the artist who very kindly donated all the illustrations in The Wilderness Weeks and The Wilderness Revisited.

Richard was born and brought up in Hull a little over 30 years ago. He spent a year and a half in London in the early 1990s and moved to North East England in 1997. You can see him in the pictures of the cheque presentation to the PDSA. Click here .

He studied many different styles of painting and enjoyed using a diverse approach to each subject. Just how versatile he was, is apparent when you look at his "Gallery".

Richard exhibited his work at the Ferens Art Gallery and Postengate Gallery in Hull, as well as the University Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne. He also had one of his works exhibited at the Royal Academy, although he was only 9 years old at the time!

Tynemouth Priory by Richard Hardaker

Tynemouth Priory

Spock and Dracs feel honoured that Richard contributed his time and talent to their project. Although Ann had mixed feelings the day his elderly and rather temperamental sports car failed to start after a visit. Richard emerged from the car with a determined look on his face and a large hammer in his hand. "This usually does the trick", he said blithely as he opened the bonnet and gave something inside the engine a few hearty bangs. Nothing happened. Ann rolled up her sleeves and pushed! (She only drives automatics, so clutches are a mystery to her.)

As well as helping the boys, Richard recently donated one of his paintings to a charity auction in aid of Tiny Lives. It sold for £700.

Sadly, Richard died in December 2008

You can see some of his other work by clicking on the two pages below.


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