Siamese cat Spock, a blue point

Siamese cat Dracs, a lilac point

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If you enjoy reading and collecting books, learn about my bookbinding hobby at the Black Cat Bindery (North East).

Dracs has never been the same since he found the Freddie Street website and read the article on projectile vomiting for beginners. Nor has Ann. Definitely a site to Bookmark.

Spock and Dracs were delighted to be asked to join the Literary Cat Guild and honoured to be dubbed Masters.The Cats Paw website is one of their favourites and well worth a visit.

Please go and visit the Cat Register and Rescue. They really care about the cats they rescue and they always have "orphans" hoping to be adopted. Adopted orphans continue to live with CRR, but they've been known to write personally to their Adopters!

The boys are very proud to be members of World Wide Working Cats on the Web.




Take a few minutes to read a "A Celebration of Sebastian", a cat who clearly brought a great deal of pleasure to his family and is much missed. Entertaining and not mushy or sentimental, it really hits the spot!

We are listed in the UKPets Directory

An online magazine for all animal lovers. Catsup contributed articles to the June and August 2000 editions.

The personal website of Gemini and George with a strong cat rescue element. Don't miss "Gemini and George Go Large" when you visit, although Ann's never heard the last of it since Spock and Dracs checked it out.


The Caledonian Cat Clinic in Edinburgh caters exclusively for cats. It's an entertaining and very informative website.


We'd never come across Bengal cats until we met up with Marie and her four, Amber and Jet pictured above and Lunar and Arctic, 2 new arrivals. Learn more about this beautiful breed by visiting their website, Marie's Bengals.



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