Siamese cat Spock, a blue point

Siamese cat Dracs, a lilac point


Spock stealing
Funny how the plate just fell
off the worktop and rolled
into this corner.


Spock licking the gravy

I just love chicken gravy

Spock with a lamb chop bone

or a nice juicy lamb chop













Dracs in the microwave
I'll just check there isn't 
anything interesting in
the microwave.



Dracs checking the grill

I can't quite reach that
bit of bacon


Dracs stealing bacon

Got it!








Born in Brighton on 8th October 1986, Spock, a bluepoint and Dracs, a lilac point are twin brothers. They left home at a young age and went to live with Simon, a local businessman. They quickly settled in and soon established total domination. Despite being sons of champions and grandsons of grand champions, Spock and Dracs are friendly to a fault. As they have come to know Simon's friends and relatives they show no favouritism at all when it comes to who has a share of their loose fur.

Originally christened Rameses and Pharoah by Simon, the names Spock and Dracs took root when a friend likened Rameses' ears to those of Mr Spock from Startrek and Pharoah's teeth to those of Dracula. Since that evening the boys have been known as Spock and Dracs.

Home lovers by nature, the boys don't venture far afield, infinitely preferring a comfortable duvet or a warm lap to the hurly burly of street life. When Simon lived in a first floor flat in Brighton, Dracs enjoyed strolling from one balcony to another. Being a true Siamese, he had no embarrassment at all about climbing through other peoples windows and investigating their flats during his perambulations. The day he knocked a tin of white paint over a neighbours carpet is one that all concerned will remember. For the most part however Dracs in particular is very nervous of the great outdoors although he finds a stroll in the front or back garden very acceptable when the sun is shining. Spock is more adventurous and will explore further, but woe betide any other cats who dare to set paw on HIS territory. Woe betide any dogs either if it comes to it. Simon will never forget the day when, to his horror, he saw Spock chasing a fully grown, terrified Alsation down the road!

The boys themselves admit to no bad habits whatsoever. However, those who have found their socks and sweaters apparently attacked by giant moths with gargantuan appetites would no doubt disagree. If anything Spock and Dracs take the attitude that it teaches tidiness and encourages people to put their clothes away, which can only be to the good.

Food is one of their great interests and their epicurean taste is entirely in keeping with the Siamese temperament. Anything any human is eating is infinitely preferable to purpose made cat food. Spock in particular loves tomato soup, yoghurt and rice pudding. Both love gravy, cheese and chicken. If all else fails, they will settle for cannelloni, enchilladas, chicken supreme, or chinese food to name but a few. As they are quick to say, food has an altogether better flavour when it's on someone elses plate. They taught Simon this lesson when, full of Christmas cheer one year, he roasted them their very own chicken, only to find that it was ignored in favour of his turkey dinner.

Both have used up some of their nine lives. At two years old, Dracs discovered that sky diving out of a second floor window without a parachute isn't a good idea. Fortunately after a stay at the vets which included 4 days in intensive care he was none the worse for his adventure although Simon's wallet was a good deal lighter. Spock's urban terrorist activities backfired on him on one occasion resulting in a trip to the vets for him and some stitches in his head.

In 1997, Simon moved to North East England and set up home in North Shields.When they were living in North Shields, Simon and the boys became friendly with Ann, who owned the flat below theirs. The friendship deepened when the Simon went on holiday and Ann looked after Spock and Dracs in his absence. It was during these visits that they were inspired to become authors.

From July 2000, The Boys made their permanent home with Ann.

Both boys lived to a ripe old age, Dracs died in February 2006 aged 19½ and Spock in February aged 20½. Their spirits still live on in the Catsup website.



(How did he get in there Spock? Dunno Dracs, he seems to get everwhere!)


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