Siamese cat Spock, a blue point

Siamese cat Dracs, a lilac point

Calling all Cats. Become a Catsup Cat of Character

Please note, applications are now closed. The winners entries are still well worth reading though.

Cupwinners Award
Gold Medal Award

Spock and Dracs are proud to introduce their very own awards.

But they don't just give them out just like that! Oh no!! Awards that you get just for the asking aren't for them. But don't panic - all cats are chock full of character, that's what makes them so special. So telling us about yourself shouldn't be difficult.

To Win Our Award

1. Cats must own or be featured on a website.
2. Cats must complete all the boxes on the form.
  (Only the additional notes box is optional.)
3. Only one cat per household can apply.

The best submissions will receive our Cupwinners Award and we'll post them on Catsup. All fully completed submissions will receive our Gold Medal and an honorable mention on Catsup.

We're very sorry, but we no longer have the time to contact applicants who fail to comply with our rules.

Click below to go to our form.

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The cats listed below are our CUPWINNERS. To read their profiles, click on their names. There are links to their websites too.

The cats listed below are pretty special too. They've all won our Catsup Cat of Character Gold Medal. If their names are underlined, you can click through to their websites.


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