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The Scams of Spock and Dracs


This was previously on Ann's Page

A few of the tricks The Boys have been up to behind my back.

Anyone with a Siamese cat or two never knows what to expect from them next. But even I was staggered when I discovered the extent of The Boys' online exploits. In their quest to get as much cold roast chicken as they can, not only did they hijack the last Ann's Page, but it seems they've also been actively seeking Message Boards around the Internet to advertise their many services.

Note their faces well and do not be taken in if you see this message from them.


The Boys in their office


As everyone who visits the Catsup website knows, Ann coldheartedly and malevolently takes all the money we make from our online shop and gives it to charity. She leaves us nothing. Not a single brass farthing! How she thinks we can keep body and soul together on what she feeds us, we have no idea. Not to mention bankrolling Spock's catnip toy habit and Dracs' heating bills.

Surfing around at night, we've met a lot of other cats (and some humans too), on Message Boards and Forums. We've realised that their needs are simply not being met either. They desperately need help and we are the very pair to provide it. So, in a spirit of true compassion and altruism, we've put our heads together and provided a few solutions.

Trust us!

We Live to Serve

(Our fees are very reasonable.)

I feel it is my public duty to warn innocent surfers that, if they see any of the following adverts anywhere online, they should beware.

Do not, under any circumstances, let yourselves be talked into one of their deals.


It all began very innocently when one of the cats they met online asked them to help him prove his innocence to his unbelieving owners, who callously (according to the cat), accused him of theft. With a combined total of more than 38 years experience of talking their way out of impossible situations, The Boys immediately offered to help.


Not content with that, they even offered to do some investigative work to find the true culprit.



It didn't take long for them to realise that they had stumbled onto a potental goldmine and the scams came thick and fast from that moment on.

Although (touch wood), there's never been a flame war on the Catsup Message Board, The Boys were quick to offer some law and order on other Boards they came across.



They found a lot of Message Boards had sections for Health questions and were quick to cash in.




Then they went one further............


health farm owners


They couldn't understand why there were so few takers for their health and beauty experience, even though they'd offered to perform all the treatments with their own claws. Sorry I meant paws. They found this especially disappointing as, in anticipation of lots of hungry guests in need of a quick pick me up after a few days on The Boys strict regime, they'd also set up...........



................their very own bar. They'd heard that lots of health club guests cheat, by escaping to the nearest pub for an illicit evening wining and dining, so they thought they might as well capitalise on it.

After the health and beauty experience turned out not to be such a winner after all, the pair of them reverted to a less exotic scam for a while.


When one unsuspecting correspondent asked if they included window cleaning they told her that, if a window was curtained, it would be no problem. If it had blinds however, they could only wash the bottom 24 inches. (Think about it!)

Being cleaners didn't last very long as it encroached too much on their 22 hours sleep a day. So when a large hole appeared in front of my house one day, they were quick to pounce on it as a perfect opportunity.


Lakeside Lodge owners


To their utter disgust, shortly after they'd floated their advert over the Internet, the Local Authority had the temerity to plant a street lamp in the hole and then fill it back up, so another surefire winner bit the dust.

Their fascination with screws, nails and wires led them to think that a paw in the door of the DIY market would be no bad thing.




They added welding to their CVs when there was talk of stopping one of their feline Message Board members from lying on the top of a warm scanner by putting it behind a cast iron door with a mortice lock.




They excelled themselves one Christmas when the following advert popped up on Message Boards around the world.


Christmas greeting


You'd think at the ripe old age of 19, Spock and Dracs would be content to lie back and take it easy, but their quest for extra chicken still goes on. Wander past my house on a sunny afternoon and you might just see the following


chase the chicken


That old scam "Chase the Lady" is still going strong, except in this instance it's been renamed "Chase the Chicken". With Spock manipulating the cups and Dracs acting as his innocent stooge (and no one can better Dracs when it comes to looking innocent), they see themselves becoming chicken millionaires in no time at all.


It is also entirely possible that The Boys have other scams, which I've not yet discovered. If you are in any doubt, check the payment details. If the currency quoted is in cold roast chickens, or cold roast pheasants, then take it from me, Spock and Dracs will be behind it.

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