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Free Stickers and a Puzzle Picture
This was previously on Ann's Page
Puzzle Picture

Click on the picture to see a full size working version.

Then rearrange the squares to see the boys hard at work in their office.

Free Stickers *Please note, this offer is now closed*

The main aim of Catsup is to help publicise and raise funds for the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), Britain's largest veterinary charity. If it entertains and makes people laugh as well, then that's all to the good. It's a lot of fun to do and the website is still growing.

If you've enjoyed your visit to Catsup and would like to support our fundraising project, here's your chance. Help to publicise the website by displaying one of the stickers shown below.

If you live in the UK, all you have to do is write to me enclosing a stamped envelope with your name and address on it and I'll send you a free Catsup sticker. Please mark the envelopes "A" or "B" so I know which sticker you'd like. (The envelope should be at least 8½"or 22cm wide.)

If you live outside the UK you're very welcome to join in by sending me your name, address and US$1 to cover postage. (Don't forget to let me know which sticker you'd like.)

The address to write to is:

Ann Dickinson (The Diary)
c/o 3, Earsdon Road,
West Monkseaton,
Tyne & Wear,
NE25 9SX,

Both stickers are approximately 8" x 1¾" (20cm x 4.5cm). They are printed on paper with an adhesive backing. They are not suitable for car windows (Graeme at Deakin Printers and I are still working on that one!)

Alternatively, feel free to print them off yourself! Click on the banner you prefer and you will see the full size version. Then go to File, Print.
NB You will need to change your paper setting to Landscape.

Catsup sticker with logo
Catsup sticker with photo

Help to spread the word about the Catsup project.


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