The Presentation - The boys present their first cheque to the PDSA  
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Spock and Dracs invited some of the people who'd helped them most with their project to come and watch them hand over their first cheque. It was for £500. They're hoping they can sell a lot more copies of both books and that their next cheque will be for much more.

Ann, Spock and Dracs would like to take a further opportunity to say "Thank you very much indeed" to everyone who's helped them, especially those pictured below.

The boys present a cheque to the PDSA

Clockwise from the left are, Spock (co-author), Ann (translator and editor), Richard (illustrator), Lesley (friend), Graeme (printer), Paul, (website designer), Ann (project fundraiser/helper), Jen (project sponsor and helper), Mary (editor of Uk Pets online magazine), Julie (project fundraiser and helper), Marion (senior veterinary nurse at the PDSA's Newcastle clinic), Dracs (co-author)

The boys with some of their helpers

Clockwise from the left are, Ann (translator and editor), Richard (illustrator - not one of his best shots!), Bruce (graphic designer), Mary (editor Uk Pets), Dracs (co-author), Spock (co-author), Paul (website designer), Marion, (senior veterinary nurse at the PDSA's Newcastle clinic).


Dracs: Wake up Spock!
Spock: Wassamatter?
Dracs: I've been thinking. I wish we hadn't invited all those people
to Ann's the other day.
Spock: Why's that Dracs?
Dracs: Some of them were males. And they were good looking
males too - well good looking as human's go that is.
Spock: So what?
Dracs: We've always been her favourite males. What if she likes
one of those human ones better than us?.
Spock: Don't be silly Dracs, she calls us beautiful blue eyed boys.
Dracs: I'm sure some of those other males had blue eyes. I'm
worried Spock.
Spock: Don't be silly. There's nothing to worry about.
Dracs: What do you mean?
Spock: Think about it! Did you see her scratching their necks?
Dracs: No.
Spock: Did she roll them over and tickle their tummies?
Dracs: No.
Spock: Did she invite them to jump onto her lap?
Dracs: No.
Spock: Well there you are then. She still does all those things to us.
Dracs: You're right as usual Spock. Of course we're still her
favourites. I was stupid to worry.
Spock: So can I go back to sleep now?
Dracs: Yes, sorry Spock. Night night.

Night night Dracs.


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