The boys draw the winner of their competition.
This was previously on Ann's Page

In October/November 2000, Catsup ran a competition on Ann's Page. This is an illustrated account of how Spock and Dracs picked the winner.

Dracs: Hey, c'mere Spock. Just have a look at this!
Spock: What's she done now?
Dracs: She's slipped an extra page into Catsup. Kept mighty quiet about it too!
Spock: I'm not surprised. Have you read it? It's got nothing to do with us! It's a
load of rubbish!
Dracs: She can't do that. Catsup's ours. The nerve of her!
Spock: Do you think it's a good idea to walk all over the keyboard like that?.
Dracs: Well it's no worse than you standing there batting the mouse around.
Where is she anyway?
Spock: She went to bed hours ago. She'll never hear a thing.
Dracs: This is good fun. The keys move when you tread on them.
Spock: Yeah and look! Things move on the screen too.
Dracs: So they do. Oops! Why's the screen blank Spock? Where's it gone?
Spock: I'm not sure. Somewhere called Archives I think.
Dracs: Where's that?
Spock: Dunno. A long way off I hope. Sounds like it could be in
Russia or America.
Dracs: Do you think she'll notice it's gone?
Spock: Probably. You know what she's like. She always notices the things you
don't want her to.
Dracs: Yeah, like when you were sick in that dark corner on the stairs and
she walked right in it. She certainly noticed that!
Spock: We'd better put something else there. That might fool her for a while.
Dracs: What about those pictures of us?
Spock: Those ones when we drew the winner of our competition?
Dracs: Here they are. They're much better. Bring a bit of class to the page.
Spock: Be quick, I can hear her getting up!
Dracs: That's it. Finished
Spock: Quickly, curl up next to me on the settee. Let her think we've been asleep
here the entire night.
Spock and Dracs on Ann's duvet
Dracs investigates a suitable box
Wake up Spock! I've just heard Ann go out. We can get on with drawing the winner of our competition.
Are you not up yet Spock?! I've found a good box down here. I'm just having a look inside now.
Dracs double checks the box
Dracs attempts to join Spock inside the box
I'm here Dracs, stop nagging me! Is it suitable? Will it hold all the entries? Let me see.
Get out Dracs! You've already had your turn, I want to have a look now.
Spock and Dracs both look inside the box
Spock is left on his own with the box
Now are we sure every single entry is in here? You can't be too careful and we don't want to miss anyone out.
Oy! What do you think you're doing Dracs? We haven't finished yet. We've still got to pick the winner.
Dracs has a tea break
Spock and Dracs pick the winning entry
I'm having a tea break. Ann has them all the time. It's hard work doing all this organising.
Oh all right then Spock, anything for a quiet life! How about this one here?
Spock and Dracs enjoy a well earned rest after all their hard work.
Now that's out of the way we can get back to the important things in life.

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