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(Previously on Ann's Page)


The Spock and Dracs Employment Agency.

All your employment needs met here.
Dracs Are you awake Spock?
Spock I am now!
Dracs I can't sleep. What's that noise outside the window?
Spock It's Ann with her electric sander. She's doing up that cupboard she bought a couple of
weeks ago. You know what she's like. No consideration for us. Why couldn't she use
ordinary sandpaper and a bit of elbow grease? A little exercise wouldn't do her any
harm, I've noticed she's getting very chunky around the hips these days!
Dracs When's she going to stop? I need my sleep!
Spock Oh, goodness knows. You know what she's like. Once she gets that sander in her hands
she's like a woman possessed! Bury yourself under the duvet and it won't sound so loud.
Dracs Nah, I'm wide awake now. How about doing some work on our new web page? With
  all that noise and dust flying around, she'll never notice what we're up to.
Spock You mean the one about our Employment Agency?
Dracs That's it. Heaven knows we need the extra income. What she feeds us on
wouldn't keep a fly.
Spock Did you get the estimates for turning her shed into a cold store? If this takes off, we'll
need lots of freezer space!
Dracs I'm working on it. Have you closed the deal with Saffi and Jasmin? We'll need a lot of
help and they'll make perfect partners.
Spock Yes, we finalised the details yesterday. Come on then - let's get started on this page.


Proudly Presenting The Spock and Dracs Employment Agency

The Boys in their office


Here in our warm and friendly office, we and our charming partners, Saffi and Jasmin will put you at your ease and help you to find the perfect job. If you are a short    staffed employer, then let us find your ideal employees.

Looking for a job?

We will leave no stone unturned to find you the perfect post. Although there might be a short delay if we find something interesting underneath the odd one. Saffi and Jasmin will even help you to write a CV that we guarantee will leave prospective employers positively amazed. (We've seen employers' reactions with our own eyes and it's truly awesome the way they struggle for breath as they read through them.) This is The Girls' own CV which will show you just how much care and attention to detail they take.

Saffi and Jasmin's CV

Looking for good staff?

Then look no further. We can find someone for every vacancy, no matter what it is. The perfect recruit is on our books already and ready and waiting to start work. We can guarantee that you'll never find anyone in any other Agency, anywhere in the world, with the truly unique skills of our candidates.

Our Charges

You will find our rates very reasonable and extremely competitive.

Signing On Fee (Employers and Employees): One cold roast chicken payable in advance.
Fee for successfully matching an Employer with an Employee: One cold roast chicken from both employer and employee at the commencement of employment.
Temporary Staff:
Signing on fees as above, plus employers pay one cold roast chicken per week for the duration of the employment.

(If you happen to live in an area where cold roast pheasant is available, we will be more than happy to take a cold roast pheasant in place of chicken.)

Our Charming Partners

Jasmin (left) and Saffi in rare moments of relaxation. (It was their tea break.)
Jasmin and Saffi
The Girls sleep all the better at night, for knowing what a worthwhile job they do.

Contact us now. Our email address is


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Copyright Spock, Dracs, Jasmin & Saffi 2004
Copyright Ann Dickinson and Lesley Turnbull 2004